ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6: Stana Katic on why she fought for Castle – Beckett together

At the moment, there is definitely not just an abundance of news out there when it comes to “Castle” season 6 … and timing is mostly to blame for that. You are looking at a show here that has not been on the air since the end of “Dancing with the Stars” last month, and with no new episodes coming yet until January 6, ABC has really isn’t moving just yet when it comes to promoting some of the episodes ahead.

The good news for today, though, is that the show continues to generate some publicity all across the world, including some all the way Down Under in Australia. While there may not be much in the way of scoop coming out of the comments that Katic gave in an interview with the Herald Sun, what we do find both interesting and important is that she does go reasonably in-depth about the reasons why she was so interested in the first place in getting Castle and Beckett together, and not just dragging that relationship out in the way that it could have been done on the show:

“I was the only one in the cast who said ‘we (Castle and Beckett) can be together and it can still be spicy.’ I really do believe that. That might just be me being overly romantic and a bit naive. I feel like you could get a pair of people together and still have that fabulous passionate foreplay.

“I don’t buy into that ‘curse’ thing (ratings drop if Castle and Beckett hooked up). They have done it with Mr & Mrs Smith … If two characters have a strong point of view and a tremendous amount of attraction for each other then there are fireworks.”

Obviously, Stana has been proven to be correct. While there may not be any of that “will they or won’t they?” tension anymore, there are still some other points of conflict, including Castle’s mother living with him, Senator Bracken being out there still, Castle’s father, planning a wedding, and what they are going to do after that. They made the right move with having season 5 be the first to get the characters together; “Bones” is one of the only shows to really wait even longer than that to make the move all the way to marriage, and we’re still surprised that they were able to pull it off. It’s right around season 5 that people tend to get bored with seeing the same thing time and time again.

Luckily, there is no repetition in the “Castle” world! There are a number of exciting and different sort of episodes coming up for the show!

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