Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert chime in on Phil Robertson – ‘Duck Dynasty’ drama

The Daily Show with Jon StewartYou knew this was coming almost the moment that it happened: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert choosing to share their thoughts on Phil Robertson and the massive “Duck Dynasty” story that has taken over social media, and raised all sorts of interesting questions regarding First Amendment rights in the country.

For Stewart, long a proponent of being able to say what you please, he certainly did support Robertson in one way: By saying that he should be able to say as much “ignorant s**t” as he wants without having to lose his show over it. He really didn’t spend that much more time, though, on “Duck Dynasty” itself. He focused a little bit more on Fox News, and how they chose to vehemently blast A&E for forcing a certain viewpoint on America. Of course, he then followed this up by showing a series of clips of Fox News anchors badgering and harassing various people in the news, doing basically the same thing that they previously ripped A&E for.


Colbert, meanwhile, took a bit more of a satiric approach, donning a beard while proclaiming that “we are all Phil Robertson.” He avoided a discussion of First Amendment rights and chose instead more to satirize some of the comments that Phil has said on the show itself … and also joked that “Duck Dynasty” was going to be really be disappointed to lose all of its gay, black viewers.


It is refreshing in some ways to hear both Colbert and Stewart tackle the issue of “Duck Dynasty”, mostly because for whatever reason, it is one that many personalities on television have shied away from so far. With a few exceptions here and there, we’ve been surprised with the lack of a celebrity outpouring of support / rage compared to the number of everyday people talking about. This may just go to show that not many famous people are actually watching the show, let alone know what a “Duck Dynasty” is.

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Photo: Comedy Central

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