‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ spoilers: Meet Captain Holt’s husband!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -We’ve heard a few times about Captain Holt’s husband throughout the first season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“, but we’re about to go a step further when it comes to the character. Specifically, we are set to meet him.

According to TVLine, Marc Evan Jackson, who is probably very familiar to fans of Mike Schur series already courtesy of his gig on “Parks and Recreation,” is going to be appearing in an upcoming episode as the other half to Andre Braugher’s feared police honcho. His name is Kevin Cozner, which is going to create some funny situations when some of the people at Holt’s precinct start to believe that he is actually married to the famous actor and not just an ordinary guy.

Given that Jackson will be tied to such an important character, it will be pretty hard for the show to introduce him once and then never bring him back; therefore, you have to think that this role is at least semi-recurring for the next couple of seasons unless something goes terribly wrong with Holt’s marriage. We’re just glad that the show is starting to dive a little bit deeper into the lives of some of the characters, and showing us something more than just the surface-level characters. We are also getting a few ever-so-welcome opportunities to learn a thing or two about where they come from to go along with it.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has some pretty exciting stuff coming up the rest of the season as a whole, including some notable appearances from both Adam Sandler and also Fred Armisen during their big post-Super Bowl episode that will seemingly air on February 2 (though there are some weather concerns right now in New York). While the ratings aren’t great, the Golden Globe buzz and the network support do suggest strongly that a season 2 renewal will happen at some point.

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Photo: Fox

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