‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Raymond Reddington’s latest mission is a vengeful one

The latest -The Blacklist” may currently be on the bench for NBC, but it’s going to be back in the game pretty quickly and will not be waiting for “The Voice” to premiere in order to make it happen. Monday, January 13 is the date that you should keep track of, since that’s when the show will air the first of a few new episodes this month before giving way to the Winter Olympics.

But what sort of story should you expect when we get around to the new year? Let’s just say that Raymond Reddington is going to be on a warpath. According to TV Guide, what James Spader’s character is going to be specifically hunting for is the identity of the mole, and we’re not talking about here a furry little creature that lives in the ground. Instead, he wants to make sure that the person responsible for bringing Anslo Garrick into the fold and killing Luli has something coming back at them.

What makes Reddington a little more dangerous than usual right now is that, to quote Wash from “Serenity,” he is basically a leaf in the wind right now. The last moment that we had from him in the winter finale is telling Elizabeth Keen that he is not her father. Whether or not you believe that is entirely up to you, but either way it’s pretty clear that this issue of who he is in relation to her life is not going to be put to rest at any point in the near future. The same can be said for the identity of the supposedly-good husband Tom, who Reddington still warns her to stay away from as though he is infected with some sort of terrible plague.

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Photo: NBC

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