‘Penny Dreadful’: New teaser reminds you that this Eva Green show is worth watching

The latest -Before the new year kicks off, we’re going to have a list for you of the ten most-ambitious new shows that you should be looking forward to … and you have to believe that “Penny Dreadful” is going to be on there. While it’s true that networks are going a little bit insane right now with the constant horror adaptations, this is one that looks great. You have a cast led by Josh Hartness, former Bond Girl Eva Green, and former James Bond Timothy Dalton. That should be enough for you on its own, but then also throw in there Billie Piper from “Doctor Who” and this is a winner.

This latest teaser, featuring Green, is not really going to tell you very much of anything when it comes to the plot; but, it is creepy to the umpteenth degree. It’s basically going to terrify you with talk of possession and demons in the way that “American Horror Story: Asylum” really wanted to.

Another reason to have faith here? It’s Showtime, which has a very good track record of shows starting out very strong. While you can debate “Ray Donovan,” there are so many other great shows in “The Borgias,” “Dexter,” “Homeland,” and the recent “Masters of Sex” that delivered grade-A television throughout the entirety of the first year they were on the air. Did some of them sustain that? Not really, and “Dexter” pointed and laughed at most of its fans with its series finale. But this show should have a promising start when it premieres in the spring, and maybe Showtime has learned from some of their past mistakes when it comes to be a little too much of the “meddling kids” of premium cable. Let creative people be creative.

One final plea that we have is basically as follows: Please, don’t make this show air against “Game of Thrones.” We know it’s airing in the spring, but there’s already going to be a million other programs on at that time already.

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Photo: Showtime

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