‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: See Patrick Jane out on a date!

Jane -Are you ready to see Patrick Jane showing off some of his romantic side? Well when “The Mentalist” returns with new episodes on January 5, you will have an opportunity to see that very thing … even if there is a pretty big ulterior motive in there to go along with it.

Knowing that this is a guy who is a master of persuasion among other things, Jane will be convinced to try to use his Ph.D from charm school to woo a woman who is tied to a case (played by Brianna Brown) in an effort to potentially win her over. This is probably the sort of standard stuff that the FBI will be having Jane do. He’s not physically strong enough to be a tank, but he is mentally shrewd. Plus, this may be a time in his life when he actually wants to consider being romantic again. He’s been able to move forward after the end of the Red John case, and there were brief sparks between him and Kim Fischer prior to the whole lie coming out about who she really was.

Oh, and there is also still Lisbon, the woman that almost all “Mentalist” fans still want to see Patrick with at the end of the day. The endgame for the Jane character feels like it has to be her at this point, especially since there isn’t really too much else to watch for not unless you really just love the weekly cases. But at least the date will give us an opportunity to see more of Patrick’s fun, flirtatious side, and set the stage for some other pretty great stuff in terms of romance in the years to come.

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Photo: CBS

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