‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Chantel Forrest

Chantel -Figuring out who contestants are using very little evidence is not always an easy thing to do, mostly because they can come across very nice in a questionnaire, and then go on TV and be completely psychotic. Therefore, what we try to do more than anything else with our “Bachelor” cast spotlight articles is just read into all of the information that is out there, and figure out whether or not someone is a good contender for Juan Pablo Galavis, and is really there for love.

Based on first impressions, we are at least feeling somewhat good about Chantel Forrest, and her possibility to at least last a few weeks into the competition.

Chantel -

Possible pros – The two that stand out to us right away are that she is from Miami originally, but loves to travel and also, at least based on social media, resides now in San Diego. All of this should appeal to Juan Pablo, especially since he said recently in a conference call that he’s not planning to stay in Miami forever. She’s also athletic, with a history of doing track and field. On paper, these are good things, and she comes across as very genuine in her biographical information. She even says that one of her goals is to make friendships, which suggests that she won’t be looking for a fight.

Possible cons – The biggest one that we see is just Juan Pablo may not want someone who has a too much in common with him, or that she may be too busy befriending the other ladies that she doesn’t put enough attention on him. This would mostly be an issue early on, though, so the first night is going to be very integral for the two of them.

Pre-show outlook – While we don’t necessarily think that Chantel is the favorite, it wouldn’t surprise us if she went the way of a Chantal on Brad Womack’s season and go to the end, only to not get the proposal. This is one of those things where on paper, it really seems like the two would hit it off and have good chemistry with each other. But, that doesn’t always translate to TV.

What’s your take on Chantel this season? Share below, and be sure to click here to see the rest of our contestant spotlights for “The Bachelor” this season.

Photo: ABC

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