‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ finale review: Tyson Apostol, Gervase Peterson, more battle; who won?

Check it out -Survivor: Blood vs. Water” has been a heck of an interesting season, so didn’t it feel more than appropriate that we had an equally-interesting finale to go along with it? This episode will mostly be known for its final tribal council above all else, mostly because some of the earlier events were somewhat predictable.

Redemption Island – Tina Wesson returns. This part of the equation was somewhat surprising, mostly because we felt like she was the least-likely person to return. We almost wonder if Laura Morett regrets at all her decision to help Tina in a past duel, since it ended up biting her in the rear end.

5th place – Ciera Eastin. After listening to Monica Culpepper waffle for a little while and talk about wanting to control her own destiny, she made in the end the right move. Ciera was an enormous threat to win this game if she made it to the end, since she has been the underdog for so long and played a great game. Nobody was even bitter at her for it. Granted, we didn’t think at this point that Monica could win regardless.

4th place – Tina Wesson. Tyson Apostol winning his second straight immunity made this easy, since we feel like Gervase may have at least considered turning on him. But then again, maybe not. Tina has a ton of friends on the jury, and the reason Monica didn’t tie this up was because she probably knew that. If Tina made it to the end, she would have likely become the second two-time winner of this game … especially given what came next.

The final tribal council – Here are just some quick thoughts on the jury questions.

Vytas – So wait … you’re not voting for Tyson just out of principle? Really?

Katie – This was actually a really good point that she made, as Tyson deciding to tell her to “go take a seat” was a move made out of malice in the game.

Caleb – Getting Monica to open up was an emotional move, and made us think for a second that she could get a vote or two … maybe.

Ciera – More Monica tears took place here, but also some good conversation with the guys. A pretty nice jury segment.

Laura – After hearing her question to Monica, we’re starting to wonder if Monica is just fixating on the “puppy dog” thing.

Tina – We like these sort of random questions. Tina asks everyone to use one word in which to describe them, and then Gervase uses about a few dozens of them. Hilarious.

Hayden – Another great moment as we saw Tyson tell him all about the immunity idol that he found in the tree, and they were able to laugh about it. Then, Monica started to rant and torpedo her game seemingly.

Aras – An excellent question where Aras made each finalist tell them who he should vote for out of the other two and interestingly enough Tyson didn’t say Gervase.

There were eight votes (which seems like an attempt for producers to force a tie), and we felt going in that Tyson was a lock for this. But was he really? Definitely. The only vote for Monica came from Vytas, and it was a clean sweep the rest of the way. A great winner, and overall a great season. Even if the end was predictable, it was the right one. Grade: A-.

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