‘White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Trouble for Matt Bomer, Bridget Regan’s characters?

The latest -So far in the brief amount of time that they have been together, Matt Bomer’s Neal and Bridget Regan’s Rebecca have not been forced to face too many obstacles related to each other. It’s basically the honeymoon phase of the relationship, when you’re enjoying the moment and not really thinking very much about what happens next or picturing the life you’re going to have in the future.

The problem that comes with that is that when you start to get deeper into the relationship, you may realize that you are in some ways wasting your time. That is what the sneak peek video below (via “Entertainment Tonight“) for Thursday night’s “White Collar” episode “No Good Dead” is really all about. You have Neal and Rebecca waking up in bed after a night together, and at first, everything seems to be going great. The two are joking around, flirting, and almost by accident, the realization makes itself clear to her that thanks to the ankle bracelet that Neal has, there is no way he can visit her place.

Is she going to be okay with a guy in her life that is so restricted? She’d have to be to continue on this relationship, and this is probably the time in which she will actually start to really ask herself some of these questions. Once you get past the initial appeal of Neal’s charm, there are many problems … and if you really think about it, him being restricted to such a degree is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you do want to read some more news about this “White Collar” episode, including the first promo for “No Good Deed,” just be sure to click here. This will be the last episode before the show returns in the new year, so at least expect a little something in order to tide you over.

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