NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 premiere video: Rob Corddry returns … but why?

Alan -Community” is going to waste almost no time at all during their January 2 premiere bringing back Rob Corddry for a guest spot. However, he could be going from the man who once screwed Jeff Winger and forced into going to Greendale to the man sending him back there on a job. It’s thanks to this that we really learn why Jeff may be going back to the community college in the first place: For espionage.

In the sneak peek below, things start off by showing Jeff in his “office,” likely after realizing that his entire attempt at being successful post-Greendale has bombed. He probably spent way too much time making commercials featuring himself as some sort of hero, and not enough time actually being good at his job. This is where someone else not good at his job (Alan) comes into play with an offer. He is represented an engineer responsible for some sort of massive bridge collapse, and in an attempt to not make it look like he’s the complete idiot here, this guy is looking to prove that the education he received at (you guessed it) Greendale was completely unfit for any sort of professional. Given what we know about this school already, we imagine that this is not a point that is going to be hard for almost anyone with a brain to argue.

But is Jeff going to really be able to help here? We imagine that he’ll try, but this seems like one of those crazy schemes that most everyone else in the study group is going to be really upset about when they start to understand just what he is up to, and he’s not just trying to think about reuniting with his friends and teaching at the school. Obviously, our hope here is that he really just ends up screwing Alan over and loving what he does at Greendale, though we mostly say that because that’s always what we hope for Jeff on the show is that he rebels against the “cool” or “acceptable.”

Just in case this video is not enough for you (and how could it be?), just click here. That’s where you can see the extended and incredibly awesome trailer for the new season.

Photo: NBC

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