‘Psych’ season 9 still possible; boss says no decision made beyond season 8

Psych -Psych” season 8 is going to officially start up in early January, but tomorrow night, you could really argue that the fun is going to set started courtesy of the much-anticipated musical episode. This has literally been years in the making, and we cannot imagine much else out there that will deliver so much humor and fun on a Sunday night. (If you don’t want to be depressed, watch this over the “Homeland” finale.)

But what you may be easily pleased to know right now is that there is no “official” word that season 8 is the last one for the show. Creator / executive producer Steve Franks addressed this subject in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and he also didn’t rule out taking the show to the big screen or even the stage:

“I’m shocked every year that the show continues. I always think that the network has forgotten that we’re on and we’re like that charge to the gym you’re paying every month that is auto-debited and at some point someone’s going to look at the books and realize we’re still on the air. What’s coming up in season eight is we’re doing the London episode, which has a Harry Potter theme. I don’t want to ever stop doing it, and if that announcement is officially made then I’ll be the first person to sign up when they want to make anything more — TV movies or feature films — and, by the way, not just one feature film, I’m talking six to eight of them over the course of years.”

If James Roday and company do get a ninth-season renewal, they will have made it longer than “Monk” or any other USA original series since they started to get heavily into that space. We also feel like it’s possible given that the fan base is so passionate; the ratings may not be huge compared to some others on cable, but the show is able to do well without a heck of a lot of promotion and money spent in that department.

What matters to us more than when the show ending is how it ends. Namely, we feel like it’s important for Shawn and Juliet to have a wedding, and for the future of Psych to be set in stone as a company. Things are in a pretty tricky position at the moment, and they can’t stay that way.

Want to read more about season 8? Then just click here for some more details, and we’ll have our full review of the musical early next week.

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