ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 10 spoilers: More speculation on Emily’s shooter

Revenge -Thankfully, the big reveal on “Revenge” is not so far away at this point. Based on how much time we’ve sat around and speculated already about who could have possibly shot Emily Thorne, it’s hard to really wonder that much more about who it could be.

But based on the latest clue that we have for you today (and quite possibly one of the last clues), it’s looking as though the odds of it being someone showing up out of nowhere and shooting Emily VanCamp’s character are pretty unlikely. According to TV Guide, there is going to be a familiar face that is coming back for the Emily / Daniel wedding, but this person is not going to be the shooter. Is it possible that another person coming back is the guilty party? Sure, but it becomes slightly hard to believe that the show would make you want to keep track of this many returning guest stars when you have so many series regulars already who are worth keeping track of.

Right now, the major suspects are more likely people that we know already, and people who would not be the expected shooters of the Emily character. This means that we cross off both Victoria and Conrad from the list, and then leaves us with such intriguing candidates like Nolan, Daniel, Aiden, Jack, and Charlotte. We could actually make a case for most of them shooting her, whether it be out of malice, or out of them wanting to ensure that the plan to frame Victoria still goes off without a hitch. The one that would probably shock us the most would be Jack, if only because he has already dealt with enough wedding day shootings to last a lifetime.

If you want to read a more complete list of suspects and possible motivations, we’ve got that for you at the link here. We’ll also be back tomorrow night with a full look at everything that happened, so be sure to stay tuned for more on that.

Photo: ABC

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