‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Theo Rossi ponders Juice’s future

The latest -Juice has always been a “Sons of Anarchy” character who is certainly thoughtful when it comes to his place in the world. Then again, he is also a man whose very status in this world is always at stake. Not an episode goes by at this point where we worry for his life, and he continually finds a way to put himself in danger, even if he thinks in his heart of hearts that he may be doing the right thing.

So in trying to protect Gemma following her decision to kill Tara in a fit of rage, there is a part of Juice that may have felt like he was doing the right thing in making sure that Jax could never find out that his mother was the guilty party. Then again, another theory here is that he may have been actually setting up Jax to be the fall guy for it, and in doing so he could protect everyone else that he cares for. There are multiple interpretations as to why Juice decided to dispose of most of the evidence, with the only obvious read on it being that he was helping to ensure that Katey Sagal’s character was safe for the time being.

As for how much Theo Rossi knows about his character’s true intentions, it’s not much for the time being. Just take a look at what the actor had to say in a new Entertainment Weekly interview:

“I’m completely unaware, but [Laughs] I know it can’t be anywhere good. I’m sure it involves a high, high stress level. Let me tell you this, I know it’s not to a pool party or a barbecue anytime soon. It’s going to be filled with chaos. This last season — I’m gonna have anxiety forever. It’s gonna take me 10 years to decompress from this show.”

The one thing that we can all but guarantee by now is that the “old” Juice, i.e. the character that so many people came to love in the first place on the show, is probably not going to suddenly come back next fall. This is a guy that has been broken down to the point where he cannot be rebuilt.

You can read some more details on the future of “Sons of Anarchy” here, including other interviews and details on what Kurt Sutter could be doing next for FX. But we’ll leave you for now with this question: Do you think that there is any way that Juice is alive at the end of the series finale? Be sure to share what you think below.

Photo: FX

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