Jon Stewart takes on Megyn Kelly, Fox News in his yearly Christmas satire

The Daily Show with Jon StewartWelcome to the holiday season, where it’s time for Democrats, Republicans, Christians, and agnostics to fight over anything and everything. What’s more appropriate for Christmas than sitting around and yelling at each other?

With that, we turn to the pretty hilarious segment this week from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” which shows already just how seriously some people choose to take their Christmases. Of course, Fox News is also involved here in a couple of different ways. First, you have the network spewing rage at the fact that someone is erecting a six-foot Festivus pole at the Florida State Capitol to protest a live nativity scene that is already going on there. As something that would only happen in the state of Florida, this pole is being constructed entirely of beer cans.

To us, there is a pretty interesting point that is missed both in the original video and in Stewart’s critique: Why is there no one talking about separation of church and state here? Why is a nativity scene anywhere near a government building? Also, why would people looking to show their children this anywhere other than a church? Those are always where the best nativity scenes are to begin with, including the camels that occasionally spit at you.

From here Stewart takes on Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly and her proclamation to all of the children out there that Santa is “just white”. Apparently in this free country, there is something wrong with taking an imaginary figure and making him into whatever you want. You can turn Santa into a space alien if you really want to; who cares? The funnest part of this entire discussion, more so than the debate about what Santa should look like (to be fair, we don’t think Kelly was being racist so much as just short-sighted), is the notion that there are children watching Fox News at 10:00 p.m. at night who genuinely believe in Santa in the first place.

Oh, and the fact that Stewart is Jewish really makes his lengthy discussions about Christmas all the more entertaining. He’s the ultimate unbiased party, and yet we typically find ourselves siding with him … even as someone who waits for a stocking to be filled with gifts every Christmas eve.

Photo: Comedy Central

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