American Idol results: Logan Johnson, Ryan Hammond eliminated

American IdolFollowing tonight’s American Idol performances, we had the last bit of pivotal results before the top 14. Three more contestants were sent packing, and this is the most heartbreaking spot in which to go. For real. There’s nothing that you want more than to be able to go up in front of America and show some of them what you can do. Not getting a chance to do that is a stab in the gut.

Based on who we saw tonight, Alyssa Raghu, Eddie Island, and Logan Johnson perhaps had us the most worried — either there was something about their performance that didn’t quite land, or the cumulative body of work wasn’t 1000% perfect. (We do think that there’s something fascinating about Eddie’s goofy energy, but we’re not 100% sure that this is the right show for it. Sometimes, shows like this can stuff you into a little bit of a musical box and that’s not the best thing for everyone.)

When the judges finally read the results at the end of this two-hour duets-themed episode, Evelyn Cormier was the first name called by Katy Perry! Lionel Ritchie announced that Dimitrius Graham was the second, and after that, Luke Bryan confirmed that Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was the third. We don’t think that anyone’s jaws are on the ground after any of these.

Then, Katy called Alyssa! Don’t get us wrong that we’re happy for her — we just weren’t sure that it was going to happen. Wade Coda was the next person pushed forward by Lionel. Then, Luke ended up calling Eddie and we’re every bit as shocked as anyone that the guy found a way to move on.

Here’s the weird thing — why in the world did the judges save Alejandro for last, like there was somehow some sort of drama with him being put through? He was the biggest lock to end all locks ever!

What this meant was that Logan Johnson, Raquel Trinidad, and Ryan Hammond were sent home — of the three, we were probably the saddest over Ryan just because we felt like he was actually one of the strongest tonight. Raquel also had a lot of energy on her “Tiny Dancer” and we think that she’s got that sort of diamond-in-the-rough potential. Obviously, though American Idol is thinking a little bit more in terms of what they want right now as opposed to what they could want a few years from now. We do have our full top 14 now and moving forward, we’ll see how some of them fare.

Who’s the favorite right now?

It’s gotta be Alejandro — we wish that we could say that there’s some drama in it but there’s really not. Jeremiah and Madison Vandenburg are up there but the homie’s got the insight track.

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