MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 finale spoilers: Collin returns; what will Jenna say to him?

The latest -It’s been a long season of “Awkward,” but on Tuesday night, the MTV comedy comes to a close with an episode that is going to try to wrap up some of the stories that have been lingering for some time now. For example, is Jenna going to be able to make peace with what happened with Collin? Is Ming ready for a new phase in her relationship? Is Matty actually going to go to the prom with Bailey? All three of these questions are going to be answered in some way by the time that the season as a whole comes to a close.

What “Awkward” has done right with the Jenna character is really put in the work to ensure that she has this sort of emotional journey, and has really learned from so many of her mistakes in the same way that many people do when they are going through high school. For example, season 3 was really all about her learning that there is no model of perfection no matter where you look. She thought that she was unhappy with Matty, and she probably needed to get away from him to realize how special he really is.

Now, she has to just figure out whether or not there is a way for her to bounce back from some of these mistakes, and in enough time to actually move forward with the rest of her life. Personally, we feel like there will be an opportunity for her to get there, but we’re not that optimistic about her relationship being tied up in a neat little bow during the finale. If it was, would there really be anywhere at all for the show to go in the fourth season? It’s got to build to a certain point.

What do you want to see take place on the big “Awkward” finale? Share some of your thoughts below, and be sure to also click here in case you missed our most-recent episode review.

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