Alexander Skarsgard gets himself in snowy situation before ‘True Blood’ season 7

A surprise -At the end of “True Blood” season 6, we saw Alexander Skarsgard’s character of Eric Northman surrounded by snow just as he quickly came to the realization that he could no longer be in the sun. This scene of course exposed us to a number of interesting developments, from Skarsgard’s own “development” (if you want to call it that) to the possibility that Eric could be dead and no longer on the show for season 7. Thankfully, that turned out to not be the case.

But what has he been up to as we wait for filming to start early next year? Let’s just say that he has been surrounding himself with a different sort of wintry weather at the South Pole. The actor has been a part of a Walking With the Wounded trek for most of the past several weeks in support of members of the military; there have been multiple teams taking part in this 200+ mile expedition, and one of the other famous faces involved is none other than Prince Harry.

According to a report from Us Weekly today, it was 12:28 p.m. local time today when the travelers finally reached the South Pole, and they are (thankfully) going to be transferred out of there via air. (That has to be a good thing after carrying sledding gear and other valuable items for such a long span of time.) Also, we suspect that Alex is probably going to want to sit around in the California sunshine for a few days just to get used to have warmer temperatures again. This sort of thing has to be pretty brutal.

But still, this is the sort of offseason adventure that you will be able to talk about for many years to come. While Stephen Moyer was off singing in “The Sound of Music,” he was literally in the southernmost point of the entire world. The only sound that the hills were alive with here was probably that of penguins or fatigue.

Impressed by the pure distance traveled here in support of the cause? We know we are. Click here if you want to read some more news from Moyer and Anna Paquin about the new season, and we’ll have some more on the subject soon.

Photo: HBO

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