‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’: Should Vytas, Ciera, Brad, or Hayden play again? Our picks

Check it out -Every season on “Survivor,” we like to reflect somewhat on the contestants who have been a part of the show, and ask just who is the best candidate to be back again on another season. The great thing about this season is that there are not only great choices, but almost all of them ironically are on the family member side of things. Despite making it far in the game, we don’t think that Gervase Peterson or Monica Culpepper have really done enough to deserve coming back again. But, there are at least a few other names that could come back.

While we know that season 28 is featuring new people only, we’ve got some likely choices, possibilities, and a couple who could come back under very specific circumstances. Rupert should not have another go at the game, and while we feel for Candice right now, neither should she.

Likely choices

Vytas Baskauskas – A great player until around the merge, but more than that a guy who has a huge personality and could compete well in the challenges. Were it not for having another major target on his back in his brother, we legitimately feel like he could go pretty far on another season and maybe even win.

Ciera Eastin – She should almost be a lock unless she just doesn’t want to do it again. Typically “Survivor” casting does a disservice to women, and casts people who are more interested in being famous after the show than being on the show. But Ciera’s a pretty great player who constantly has the wheels turning. We haven’t agreed with every move, but it’s been great to see her making them.

Tyson Apostol – We’re really not that big a fan of four-time players, but we also love Tyson. If they ever do a “legends” or an “all-winners” season (if he comes out as the winner here), he will almost definitely be asked back. If he wins here, it has to be ranked pretty high just thanks to degree of difficulty.


Brad Culpepper – Jeff Probst clearly loved him, and he is the rare pre-jury boot that could come back like a Boston Rob or even his wife Monica. The best way to bring him back would probably be a season made up of pre-jury boots since it’s hard to call him much of an all-star.

Hayden Moss – Hayden has helped himself out dramatically here the past few weeks, but the question we wonder is whether he would prefer to do this show again or “Big Brother.”


Laura Morett – She would be most viable in a season featuring mostly players who were dominant in challenges. We also feel like she is a better player strategically than she’s shown this time, so she may need a little non-redemption island redemption courtesy of a season without her daughter.

Aras Baskauskas – This is mostly just for an all-winners season, but as a big Aras fan we know that he loves the game and would love to go back and do it again under any circumstance.

Who do you want to see come back and play “Survivor” again? Share your picks in the comment box below! Also, be sure to visit the link here to read the big news about “Survivor’s” two-season renewal yesterday, and check the sidebar to the right for the latest updates.

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