‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 13 preview: Who does the Mother meet next?

Another look -For those of you who are desperate for more of The Mother on “How I Met Your Mother,” you are going to get a ton of her on Monday night’s new episode. Not only that, but she is going to meet yet another one of Ted’s friends.

So far, the list of people that Cristin Milioti’s character has spent some time with (at least in the present) includes Lily and Barney, and she actually played a significant role in helping the two get out of some tough situations. Now, it looks like she will also be coincidentally the person responsible for getting Marshall back with the rest of his friends. There are a few things in particular about the sneak peek below that you will probably cheer a few times over.

1. The Mother is wearing driving gloves! This is just another little sign that she is perfect for Ted.

2. Also, she has quite the talent for terrifying people. The elaborate prank that she plays on Marshall here to make him believe that she is a psychic is pretty darn funny.

3. She’s also sweet enough in the end to tell him it is a joke before he gets out of the car … that little part of the story is especially worth mentioning before anything else.

Thanks to this meeting, we know now that Cristin Milioti has shared screen time in the present with everyone other than Josh Radnor (who has still acted with him in flash-forwards / dream sequences) and Cobie Smulders. We assume that a Robin scene with The Mother is coming, mostly because we know that she will meet every person in the gang before she meets Ted. This is probably the most important person for her to meet as well, given that Robin is the woman that Ted is actually in love with, even to the point of it being damaging to him.

Do you like this “How I Met Your Mother” video? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you are interested in watching a more generic promo that gives you a few other hints about this episode.

Photo: CBS

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