Why the ‘Roast Joffrey’ meme is the best ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 promo ever

Check it out -It’s the holiday season, and there’s not much that is actually premiering on television at the moment. Instead, we’re more at the point here where people are inclined to talk about things that are ending.

This is why “Game of Thrones” should go ahead and sit on its own Iron Throne for its pretty awesome “Roast Joffrey” meme that it first started up on social media this week as a way to drive Twitter traffic to the topic of their choice, and they won. This was basically their own social-media Battle of Blackwater, and they rode in like Tywin Lannister and conquered everyone. They got actors like Maisie Williams (Arya) to help lead the charge, and what came in the end here was a series of hilarious comments that are some of the best that we’ve read since DiGiorno Pizza decided last week that they were going to live-tweet the entire “Sound of Music Live” special on NBC.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark) – “Dear Joffrey, To slightly misquote Woody from Toy Story: “We wargs can see everything, so play nice.” #RoastJoffrey”

Miasie Williams – “@GameOfThrones Maybe he’s just hormonal..? Joffrey- the misunderstood teenager #RoastJoffrey”

Tyiron Lannister (obvious a parody account) – “Every time Joffrey played in the sandbox, the cats would try to bury him. @GameOfThrones #RoastJoffrey”

Charmin toilet paper (seriously) – “There are some people so crappy even we won’t go near them. #RoastJoffrey #tweetfromthethrone”

Jon Snow (another fake account) – “Remember when we all loved Joffrey? Neither do I. #RoastJoffrey @GameOfThrones”

Also, the video below features none other than Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn, giving his own hilarious thoughts on the character. We really don’t want to spoil that for you, so it’s really a situation of the less we say, the better off you are going to be in the end.

All in all, this is a heck of a brilliant way to get people talking about your show many months before it even premieres on HBO. Plus, it was a nice little diversion to remind you that the internet can be fun.

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Photo: HBO

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