‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Ashley Poe

Ashley Poe -We’ve said this a few times already, and that is that there are several archetypes that “The Bachelor” likes to have on every season. This includes at least one model, one “girly girl” one “tomboy” who may also be an athlete, someone who has been married before, someone who already has a kid, someone who has been through a traumatic event, an attorney, a former cheerleader, a teacher, and of course someone who was involved in beauty pageants.

Well, Ashley Poe actually checks off a couple of those boxes in that she is a teacher in Roanoke, Texas (which is not too far from Denton and Fort Worth), and she also happens to have a little bit of a history in pageants. Who knows? She may check some of the other boxes as well, but we won’t know until we see her on the show.

Ashley Poe -

Possible pros – A big one here is probably that she knows how to speak with children as a teacher, and with Juan Pablo Galavis having a daughter in Camila, this should be something that he is looking for if he is really playing this right. (She is the only person who we will excuse her for listing Dr. Seuss as her favorite author.) She also seems at least reasonably adventurous, which has to be helpful in going through an experience like this.

Possible cons – While in theory a teacher could be great for Juan Pablo, we’re speculating about whether or not that is something he would be looking for. She may like sports, but she doesn’t list soccer as a favorite (uh oh). But probably the most important thing here is just that gut feeling that she doesn’t seem like someone who is going to be that quick to fall head over heels for a guy like Juan Pablo on TV. There are some that will probably form relationships faster than her. Part of her behavior could be altered by her job, and knowing that she has to represent herself well on TV to avoid losing it.

Pre-show outlook – We feel like what could keep her around for at least a little while is that personality-wise, she reminds us somewhat of Desiree Hartsock. Juan Pablo was definitely interested in her, so there will at least be a curiosity here. But a few episodes in, he’ll probably realize that he doesn’t want to just repeat something that didn’t work in the past and send her home.

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Photo: ABC

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