ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 10 review: Did Jake or Fitz defeat Rowan?

Take a look -If “Scandal” wanted to blow your socks off for its midseason finale, it did a pretty good job with “A Door Marked Exit.” This was a heck of a crazy episode of TV. There were twists, there were turns, and there was also Joe Morton pretty much reminding everyone that he better get a guest-acting Emmy nomination next summer. His monologue to Fitz using the title of this episode was beyond fantastic, and had us cheering by the time it was over.

With Olivia learning the truth about her mother “Maya Lewis,” she did figure out a way in which to save Eli / Rowan (whatever you want to call him) from the hands of Fitz, and also try to get a little bit closer to him in the process. The truth is that this guy is still a pretty hardened dude, and he didn’t really want to give his daughter any answers about why he made some of the decisions that he did in order to protect her. That is, if he was really trying to protect her at all.

We eventually learned in the end here that Eli is actually not in a position of power at all anymore; while Olivia may have saved him from Fitz in the interrogation room, Jake did manage to find a way to overtake his operation, and has now effectively kicked him to the Wonderland curb. Oh, and Maya is back in DC, and is looking to go straight to the White House.

Now, we turn to some of those other plots…

Cyrus’ story¬†– Are things better between Jeff Perry’s character and James? Hardly. Basically, James promised to stay married to him only if he is promoted to White House Press Secretary. That’s it. Sally Langston killing her husband is a story that they are both linked to, and to make matters worse, there is an audio confessional of this out there that David Rosen knows about … and they don’t. Do we have a great story for both of them in the new year? It sure looks like it, and it’s coming at a time when Mellie thinks that she has finally won. Unfortunately for Mellie, we don’t know why she thinks that she ever wins.

A flaky Quinn – What we learned from her tonight is that she still underestimates Huck’s ability to be completely unforgiving. Quinn tried to escape Charlie and head back over to Team Gladiators … only to soon realize after that he was ready to kill her were it not for Olivia. Then, she promptly decided to go back to Charlie.

Overall, this was a heck of a great “Scandal,” and at least in the top 3 of the season. It didn’t do everything for us when it comes to the full cast, but it answered some burning questions and of course raised new ones. Sometimes, that is enough.¬†Grade: A-.

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Photo: ABC

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