‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: Prince set to join Nick, Jess in Super Bowl episode

More news -There are guest stars who sign on for shows, and then there are GUEST STARS. When it comes to “New Girl” and their latest addition, we like to say that this new guest star fits squarely into the latter of these two groups.

In news that was first reported by E!, it was revealed that legendary musician Prince is going to appear on the show’s big Super Bowl episode, and will be playing himself. For whatever reason, he manages to come between Nick and Jess, and create all sorts of crazy waves in their relationship. Who knew that Prince would even take an interest in two such people? Following this (at least if they were normal people), Nick and Jess would have some sort of crazy story to talk about for the rest of their lives.

So how did this come about? As it turns out, this actually was not a case of the show trying to form some sort of plan to convince him to come work with them . Instead, this was more a case of Prince actually being a fan of the show and asking to appear. It then became a discussion about trying to find the right place for him to appear, and that turned out to be the post-Super Bowl episode, given that he is the perfect way to draw even more viewers to the show. This also more or less guarantees that this will probably be the lead-off show, with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (fresh off of its Golden Globe nomination) sure to follow.

“New Girl” is going to return with new episodes in the new year, which will bring you more of Coach, and more of the story about how Nick and Jess further along their new relationship. They do need to find some more ways to shake it up, given that it has been a little stale as of late.

If you want to read some more scoop related to “New Girl,” all you have to do is click here. We’ll have some more related to the show soon.

Photo: Fox

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