‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 10 review: Does Jenny have a girlfriend?

Jenny's met the one -Tonight marks the midseason finale of “Two and a Half Men” and so far season 11 has been a crazy ride. With the Jenny character joining the fold and Jake missing in action we weren’t sure what to expect from this season, but Jenny has been the breath of fresh air this show so desperately needed after years of the same old jokes over and over again. This will be Jenny’s first year being with Walden and Alan for the holidays, so we expect there to be laughter, merriment, and probably a lot of booze.

First off we were happy to see a reference to Jake since he has been absent this season. We wish there was a little more of this since he is still Alan’s son and as much of a selfish jerk Alan is, he’s always cared about what Jake is doing and his well being.

Jenny has been quite the ladies lady this season and has never had a trouble getting any woman she wants into bed… and then quickly out of her bed in the morning, but this time she brought home a woman, Brooke, that she was hoping to actually have something more with. Unfortunately Brooke wasn’t interested in anything more with Jenny and she realizes that she actually wants a relationship with her. Walden tries to help Jenny by playing match maker and asks Brooke to give Jenny a chance. After a little convincing she decides to roll the dice with Jenny and go out with her a second time. Jenny gets so nervous about going out with Brooke that she gets drunk before the date and when Brooke shows up she is also bombed because she’s nervous too.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Alan still with Paula and that she is introducing him to her friends and family… including her ex-wife Rachel. Things get very weird for Alan when Rachel tries to make a pass at him, but when Paula tells Alan that they are not exclusive, he takes this to mean that he can go out with Rachel. Unfortunately things take a turn for the ugly when Paula sees Rachel out on a date with Alan, not because Paula wants Alan exclusively, but because Rachel wants to upset Paula. Rachel and Paula end up getting back together and that ends Alan’s time with her.

While it was disappointing to see the Alan/Paula story end since that had a lot of potential we were happy to see Jenny get a meaty storyline that gave her character more layers. we hope that Jenny’s new relationship with Brooke continues on in the New Year when the show comes back and that they find something for Walden to do outside of being friends with Jenny. Episode grade: B

What did you think of the midseason finale for “Two and a Half Men”? Was this a good way to end the show before the holidays? Leave us a comment below and if you are looking for more news about the show, just click here and let us be your source.

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