‘Best Ink’ season 3, episode 2 review: Izzi vs May May, who had the better cover up?

Best Ink -Initially we were worried about the cast for this season of “Best Ink” when we watched the premiere as there were no contestants that really stood out, but after watching the second episode our fears have been extinguished.

For the flash challenge the contestants had to create their designs in dirt on the windshield of a car, which was no easy task considering how easily the wind blew away their line work. Willy thought that he had this in the bag and was visibly upset when Lara and May May were announced as the top two.

May May won the flash challenge and was awarded a special power… the power to swap out the “skin” she was randomly given for any other one she wanted. Since this was “cover up” day on “Best Ink” she wanted to pick the easiest one and swapped Izzi’s skin for her own. Izzi is easily the hot temper of the season and is someone that would take a move like this as a personal attack against her when it’s clearly not since many of the other artists said they would’ve made the same choice if given the opportunity.

After the artists completed their tattoos, May May tried to extend the olive branch to Izzi by telling her that her tattoo cover up was really good, but Izzi wasn’t having it and things escalate quickly into a screaming match. It’s going to be fun to watch the drama between these two this season.

At judging Izzi’s tattoo was praised by the panel, while May May was given a hard time with her lion tattoo not being impressive enough for the fact that she had the easiest cover up to do. May May did the one thing that you should never do at judging and that’s throw one of the judges under the bus. When Hannah noted that there should’ve been a darker outline of the lion’s face, May May threw Joe under the bus saying that she was originally going to do that, but opted not to when Joe suggested something different.

The top three artists this week were, Joe, Amy, and Willy with Willy winning the challenge… hopefully this makes up for not winning the flash challenge that he was so upset about earlier on in the day.

As for who was in the bottom three we had Rudy, Anthony, and May May, but in the end it was Rudy that went home this week. Episode grade: C+

Do you think that Rudy was the right person to send home, or did you think that Anthony or May May deserved to go home instead? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of “Best Ink”.

Photo: Oxygen

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