‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7 spoilers: Will we have more Charlie Hunnam – CCH Pounder scenes?

Sons of Anarchy -Who is returning to “Sons of Anarchy” for season 7? That is a question that you will probably hear asked quite a bit across the internet over the next couple of weeks, but you won’t get much in the way of answers until early next year. There are a number of factors that need to happen before decisions are made on any actors’ future, including negotiations and conceptualizing the story for next season.

Obviously, two of the biggest question marks out there right now seem to be Jimmy Smits and CCH Pounder, but neither of them may ultimately be going anywhere. In the case of Smits, Nero almost seems to be a fixture of this show now, and despite him originally coming on for just one season, he has a huge story left to tell now with the Mayans in the picture. Meanwhile, creator Kurt Sutter himself told TVLine that Pounder could very well be retained, since there is clearly some unfinished business between her and Charlie Hunnam’s Jax:

“I’d love to bring CC back and we’re in the process of trying to bring her back… That relationship between [Jax and Patterson] was way more potent than anything I could have imagined with Donal [Logue]‘s character. She’s got that really strong maternal energy, but it’s a little bit masculine. We got to see [that dynamic] play out in that scene [at the ice cream shop]. I’d love to bring her back and play with what does she do now? Procedurally, what would happen is they would bring Jax in and place him in custody and question him extensively. We’ll see what that all looks like [next year]. I just knew that I didn’t want to end the season on a police beat.”

Personally, Pounder and Hunnam did some of their best work against each other, and she brings such a different sort of perspective to the show than almost any other villain that we’ve seen. Therefore, it’ll be sad if she does not come back, and also probably a surprise even to Sutter based on his earlier comment.

While we slowly start to digest season 6 over the course of the weekend, we’ll have some more updates on anything and everything daily. You can start to read some of that here, and more will be coming in the following days.

Photo: FX

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