‘American Horror Story: Coven’, episode 9 review: Who blinded Cordelia?

CordeliaIt has been an interesting season of “American Horror Story: Coven” so far. While we haven’t been in love with everything Ryan Murphy has done with the show (Zoe’s special witching power of death by her womanly part is high on our list), there are a few things that we have been completely drawn into (Nan and Luke’s blossoming romance). With tonight’s episode being the midseason finale, we would be lying if we said that weren’t expecting some big things to happen.

Fiona talks to Marie about working out a truce so that they can fight the witch hunters together, not realizing that Marie is working with them (well Hank more specifically).

What Marie doesn’t know is that Hank is from a long line of witch hunters and was originally sent by his father as an inside man to gather intelligence on the coven. Hank finds out that it was his father organization that blinded Cordelia in hopes that it would make her even more dependent on him, but they didn’t foresee her gaining other powers. He thinks Hank is being sloppy with the witch he killed at the hotel and that he’s no longer living with Cordelia.

Hank tries to work things out with Cordelia, but she tells him she’s filed for divorce. Losing Cordelia is the motivation Hank needs to take care of Maire and everyone that works for her, including Queenie, but not before she kills Hank. Marie is now on her own, so she goes to Fiona for help.

Myrtle’s relationship with Cordelia is explored deeper as we learn that she took on a motherly type role form the moment Cordelia entered the coven. Myrtle invites over the other two council members that sentenced her to death and using a paralyzing poison on them, scoops out an eyeball from each and gives Cordelia the gift of sight. Now that Cordelia can see again her power of visions is gone.

What was really interesting was that Myrtle ended up killing the two council members, a crime that is punishable by being burned at the stake (does she really want to go there again?), so it was strange to see her giving Fiona crap about killing Madison.

Nan finally gets to see Luke at the hospital and proves to his mother that she’s clairvoyant… his mother thinks that she’s a miracle from God and accepts her with open arms, that is until Nan starts to tell his mother that Luke knows that she killed his father, because his father was in love with another woman and was going to leave her. His mother throws Nan out and once Luke is able to speak again, he tell she he knows she killed his father himself. She smothers him with a pillow… but is he dead?

One of the other highlights was seeing FrankenKyle and Fiona bonding after she teaches him how to talk. Peter Evans hasn’t really been utilized this season the way we had hoped, but now that he’s a watch dog for the coven, hopefully he will have a larger role. Grade: B+

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