ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 10 preview: Can Cyrus save Sally?

Cyrus -There are going to be conflicts more or less up the wazoo on the “Scandal” winter finale airing on ABC Thursday night, but one thread that we are most excited to watch unfold is the mystery related to a certain Cyrus. Is this man really going to be able to find a way to help out Sally, a woman that he seemed to despise only a short time ago?

To be fair, we are admittedly still at the point of panic in the sneak-peek video below, where it is not that clear whether or not Cyrus knows what he wants to do. In addition to that, there is also a pretty sizable mystery when it comes to what Sally’s own thoughts on this could be. She’s clearly scrambling, and upon the arrival of Cyrus, she tries using everything in her power to almost claim that this is some sort of bout of temporary insanity, like the devil got a hold of her in some way.

As of right now, the way that we read this sneak peek is pretty simple: Cyrus has a chance to get his revenge, and it would be easy to threaten Sally into not running for President as an Independent now that he has the huge amount of leverage over her that she is a killer. But does he really want to win this way? This entire situation is sad, especially when you think about the elaborate way it was brought up, and how Cyrus really orchestrated the situation in the first place by sharing some of the photos.

What do you want to see happen here, and do you think that Cyrus is in some way insane for even trying to think about helping Sally out? Share any and all of your theories on the subject below! Also, be sure to click here to check out another teaser promo for the show, which tease a few other stories that are also going to be touched on in a big way during the finale.

Photo: ABC

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