‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: John Goodman freaks Taran Killam out

More news -For the latest preview of “Saturday Night Live,” NBC apparently decided that they were going to give you a thirty-second ad for a promo that was barely over 30 seconds long. We’ve grown so accustomed over the years to seeing videos that are two or three minutes long on Tuesday or Wednesday, and this one may be the shortest one since “SNL” started to put them online.

We will say that for the length here being as short as it is, the show really did manage to deliver on bringing in some great humor. The first joke about a Friday the 13th superstition was a slight chuckle, but the “Roseanne” joked killed. It may be the best joke that we’ve seen in a promo for the show all season long.

The reason that we are worried about this edition actually has nothing to do with Goodman’s hosting skills at all, and more with just the writers’ ability to actually get good material together here. When there is a run of three shows in three weeks, we always tend to find the middle one to be the most disappointing. The best thing that the show can do here is tap into some nostalgia, and bring back some of the cast members that were around back when the show had Goodman on for those consecutive years that he was on back during his classic sitcom’s run on TV. One thing that has been fun to watch is his evolution as an actor since then. He’s evolved from being a sitcom star to one of the best character actors in movies, and he’s been landing all sorts of awesome roles with the top directors in the industry.

Are you as surprised as we are that Goodman is hosting this weekend, and do you think that he’ll bring some old-school charm to the show? Share below, and also click here if you want to watch some videos from this past edition of the show.

Photo: NBC

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