‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Andi Dorfman

Andy Dorfman -Every season of “The Bachelor” has there share of archetypes, whether you are talking about the models, the athletes, and of course the young professionals. There’s typically at least one or two attorneys in the bunch, and for the show this season, they have a woman in Andi Dorfman who has already accomplished quite a lot at an early age.

Despite being only 26. Andi already has a job as an Assistant District Attorney, and basically makes her living trying to put bad guys (or accused bad guys) behind bars. We know that she’ll be a contestant that the show loves, and her occupation alone may deem her worthy of one of those intro packages that the show is fond of. But is all of this applicable to having good chemistry with Juan Pablo Galavis? That’s what we are somewhat interested in finding out now.

Andi -

Possible pros – The biggest thing for Andi is that she’s accomplished, she’s intelligent, and she cares about family. On paper, she’s the sort of person that most “Bachelor” contestants say that they are looking for … at least in theory. She is someone who probably will be going into this competition with a ton of confidence, which is why she could do very well in the early phases of the competition.

Also, there’s not too much of a geographic distance. Andi is from the Atlanta area, which is just a short plane ride, or a drive to where Juan Pablo lives that she could make in a day if she left early enough.

Possible cons – The biggest one is that someone with a job like district attorney may intimidate people without even trying, and there’s also that preconceived notion that lawyers don’t have any fun. Juan Pablo is clearly a guy who loves his fun. This is why she may look like a good candidate on paper and then fail when it comes to the actual execution; you need chemistry, and when you have a job that can come across as so serious, it can pose problems.

Pre-show outlook – Andi should survive the first few weeks, but we see her going maybe around the fourth or fifth episode. While there will probably be some initial interest on both sides, we don’t see the chemistry being there between the two of them, we could see her especially having trouble with the whole premise of being locked up and forced to watch other girls kiss the guy that she’s “dating.”

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Photo: ABC

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