‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 10 video: Nina Dobrev and a brand of torment

The latest -We are thinking that the next new “Vampire Diaries” episode is not going to be an easy one for Nina Dobrev. As a matter of fact, she may have to deal with something that may as well just be considered torture when you think about what we’re looking at here for a second.

Basically, the best way to describe this new sneak peek is as follows: Nina wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, questions where she is, and then seems to have a number of terrible things done to her. It’s yet another bit of proof that Wes is a pretty terrifying guy, but we also wonder what it is about men who were in some sort of scholarly position on this show. Are they all up to no good pretty much all the time? She’s clearly terrified, and this is a time in which being a vampire is not really going to help her.

The only good bit of news Elena has right now is that she does have some vampire knights in shining armor out there who are going to be willing to help her. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are out there, and you have to imagine that before this episode (entitled “50 Shades of Grayson”) comes to an end, they are going to have a role to play. You have to almost increase the likelihood of something like this happening exponentially when you consider that this is the winter finale, and the show will want to leave you with some sort of juicy cliffhanger.

What do you think about this video, and do you think that there is a chance that something very sinister could happen to Elena while suffering from some of these conditions? Share your thoughts below, and also click here if you want to look at yet another teaser preview for this episode.

Photo: The CW

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