‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: The latest episode title scoop!

More news -Even though there is a new “NCIS” episode airing tomorrow night, CBS has not exactly done very much when it comes to actually promoting it just yet. There is no sneak peek online, and while that could change tomorrow, we’re left for the time being to speculate on what could be the next chapter for Emily Wickersham’s character of Bishop.

So what do we know right now? It’s an upcoming episode title. In a new post on Twitter, director Dennis Smith teased that one of the episodes airing early next year has a name behind it that may bring to mind a certain modern band:

“Ok, I like my new #NCIS script written by a new writer Jennifer Corbett. My first collaboration with her, should be fun! “Monsters and Men””

In case you don’t quite catch the reference, Of Monsters and Men is a modern band that performs the song “Little Talks,” but we have a feeling that this is probably not what the show is referring to here. We imagine it being about something related to the human condition and what separates one breed of man from the other … but that is mere speculation.

What we are slightly more curious about for now is what sort of story arc the show is going to embark on in the new year. While we know that the plan is to address the villain of the season in Parsa again sometime fairly soon, the only other long-term stories as of late have been Tony trying to readjust and move forward in his life after Ziva’s exit, and then Bishop becoming the latest addition to the fold. We mostly imagine the next few weeks at least in part being about her trying to fit in better with the team. There are people here who have spent a decade’s worth of time together, and it of course is going to take her a while to get up to speed.

If you do want to read some more “NCIS” hints right now, just click here for a deeper look at “Homesick,” the last episode coming up before the holidays.

Photo: CBS

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