‘Sleepy Hollow’ episode 10 review: The winter finale brings a golem, Ichabod’s son, and more

More -Did Ichabod survive the “Sleepy Hollow” winter finale? At one point near the end of the episode, we were pretty worried he might not make it out okay. As a matter of fact, by the end of it there were a few moments where we feared that he, like Abbie, was going to be transported to another world.

But instead, what happened to him was just as chilling in some ways: He received a warning from the Moloch, and one that could end up promising that he would deliver the soul of Abbie straight to him. Scary, no? Also, it’s hardly a surprise. When you think about it, there have to be reasons why Ichabod was the one to survive the (literal) test of time; while he may have a plan for his future, it’s pretty clear that the other side does, as well.

Just in case this scary thought was not a reason enough to be afraid for these characters’ fate, we also had a heck of a story to deal with involving the Golem, which brought back the painful memory of the son Ichabod left behind and never even knew about so many years ago. What this show has done a great job at is finding a way to take some of the regret and pain of some of the characters, and then turning this around into something that impacts the story in a big way. We could feel the pain both in Ichabod and The Golem’s actions during their final battle, as he had to learn to let go of what he was feeling in the wake of the revelation about Katrina’s past. This was a darker, more serious side to the character, but we loved it.

As a matter of fact, we loved this entire episode. “Sleepy Hollow” has become a dream of a fall series, and one that has slowly and surely peeled off the layers of its mythology. While not every episode has been weighted equally, so many of them have been fantastic. Grade: A-.

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