‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 4, episode 6 review: Brandi, Carlton kiss drama

5371761-Brandi-Glanville-Makes-Out-with-New-Girl-onLast week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 was such a snoozer that we barely remember what happened outside of the last 2 minutes of the episode where Brandi Glanville randomly admitted to Lisa Vanderpump that she got drunk in a hot tube with new comer Carlton Gebbia and they made out.

Not enough information was revealed at that point for us to form an opinion about the situation, but Brandi “making out” with a married person (male or female) seems very out of character for her to do after what she went through with her ex-husband. There are definitely people who have double standards when it comes to women in marriages having make out sessions with other women, that some how this isn’t cheating because it’s with another woman, but there are some out there that wouldn’t be happy to have their wife spending intimate time with anyone that isn’t them. Is this situation going to blow up in Carlton’s face or does she have some sort of open arrangement with her husband that we don’t know about?

Tonight the ladies take off together to Palm Springs and there is definitely a divide in the group, but when they get to the villa they play nice… at least at first. Once the drinks come out so do the claws and the secrets. Last week Brandi was saying that she and Carlton made out, this week she is calling it a “friendship kiss”. So while not a lot was revealed about their “make out”/”friendship kiss”, it looks like we will be visiting more about it on next week’s episode.

Brandi wants Joyce to get in the pool because it’s her pool party, but she refuses and it some how becomes a big problem. Joyce claims she can’t swim and Brandi makes an inappropriate joke about her hair/background, and Joyce is clearly unhappy about it.

Later comes dinner and dinner’s on this show always end in fighting… tonight’s dinner is no different. Brandi cannot stop calling Joyce “Jacqueline” and it’s really upsetting her because she has a past with people bullying her about her name in high school. Once the “bully” word comes up all hell breaks loose and the room becomes divided. What’s really messed up about this whole situation is that Brandi is sometimes mixing up Joyce’s name by accident, but half the time she’s doing it on purpose to be a jerk… the drinking is clearly not helping anything. Brandi tells Joyce that she thinks Joyce’s name is a “big fat pig” and things get very uncomfortable for everyone.

Some other little highlights were seeing Carlton tell Kyle everything she doesn’t like about her (she’s never going to like Kyle, is she?), watching Yolanda complain about the sheets not being ironed at the gorgeous villa they stayed at (rich people problems) and Brandi’s bikini being not much bigger then a wash cloth. This episode was a hot mess, but way better then last week – at least we got some drama! Grade: B+

Do you think that Brandi crossed the line making out with a married woman or is this okay in your books? Was Brandi to sloppy drunk for you or do you like her better when she’s like this? Leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about the situation and if you are looking for more news and scoop on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 just click here.

Photo: Bravo

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