‘Justified’ season 5 teaser: Did a crow just ruin Raylan’s hat?

The latest -This year, networks aren’t waiting very long at all to try to capture the attention of some of those people holed up in their homes this winter … and one of those networks is FX. Less than a week after the start of 2014 on Tuesday, January 7, “Justified” is going to be back for all-new episodes that will carry into the first 13 weeks of the year. This is a chance for the show to build on the momentum of last year, and also capture some of that awards buzz that it was first getting a few years ago when Margo Martindale was on the scene.

Before we do anything else, let’s at least touch briefly on the new teaser promo that was released by FX. There is a crow, and it seems to have no problem completely ruining Raylan’s hat.

But, there’s of course a deeper meaning here. The Big Bad for this season is Dale Crowe Jr. (Michael Rappaport), the head of the crime-obsessed Crowe family, and the owners of a gator farm that is really just a cover for something much more sinister. The show is going back to a format that it had during some of its earlier seasons as a way to mix it up. Last year, we didn’t have an individual Big Bad as the focus was put more on some of the characters already established; but, that is clearly going to be changing moving forward. There’s promise in Rappaport’s character, but we’re still reserving judgment until we actually see Dale in action.

So the final interpretation of this teaser is clear: the Crowe family is going to mess Raylan up. Who knows? They may even leave their mark on him by the time the season is over. It be nice to see one villain do that to Raylan instead of him always coming out on top.

What do you think about this teaser, and can you really get excited about the show in seeing something so small? Share below! Also, click here for some new Boyd Crowder scoop via Walton Goggins, which should help to get you excited about a very surprising storyline for him this season.

Photo: FX

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