‘Masters of Sex’ episode 11 review: Ethan, Virginia, and Libby try out new roles

Masters of Sex -Masters of Sex” is nearing the end of its first season, and with tonight’s episode, the show did just about everything that it could to get us to that point. We had the latest advancement in the study, Bill putting together a plan at the last minute, Virginia learning something about Lillian, and also Ethan having a heart to heart with the father of Virginia’s children as to the best way to care for them.

But when you are talking about revelations, it’s hard to call this one an hour of television that really worked to redefine what we think about this series or its characters. The one who was probably the big winner of the night was Ethan, mostly because he came across really well and not nearly as emotional. He was a good caretaker for Virginia’s children, he made his intentions and his dreams clear, and he also stood up to the kids’ father. He actually seems like he’d be the best match for her in theory at this point, with the exception of one key thing: Ambition. He’s not the brilliant man that Masters is, even if he is a much kinder one.

The rest of the episode was more about progress. After working at his office and finding out about a divorced woman and a partner being together 23 times for the study, Libby definitely has her suspicions about what her husband is really up to. She’d be stupid not to, and she tried to lead him into admitting something that he wouldn’t… that these two people are in love with each other. Meanwhile, Virginia seemed to be working more towards eventually taking over the cancer study for Lillian, especially after she learned that she is actually dying of cancer, and won’t be around to see her results actually published or received by the public.

Even with the lack of forward movement save for preparation for Bill’s all-encompassing presentation next week, this was a quiet episode. It was still well-done and meaningful, but it could be next week that we really start to see some of the more buzzworthy events take place. If anything, this one tried a tad too hard to be subtle. Grade: C+

Did this “Masters of Sex” episode surprise you in a good way, or depress you in a way that some of the past episodes has? Share what you think below! Also, click here to take a quick look at the first preview for the upcoming finale.

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