‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Can Ciera Eastin really convince Monica Culpepper to flip?

Meet Ciera -Going into Wednesday’s “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” episode,  Ciera Eastin clearly has to know that her life in the game is in jeopardy. There are only five people left, and with her making the moves that she has, she could be just as big of a target to get rid of as Hayden Moss.

So with the numbers against her, there’s only one thing that she can do now: Try to make a big move. Specifically, the preview below (thankfully one that is not as spoiler-heavy as what CBS has given the past few weeks) suggests that she is going to go to Monica and tell her a series of stories about Tyson making fun of her, and saying that she is just a puppet doing whatever he wants. Is any of this true? It’s hard to say, but we don’t imagine so. Why in the world would Tyson give Ciera, who he knows likes to start rumors, any information to potentially use against him?

For Monica, the temptation could be there to swing on Tyson and Gervase, but this could in the end be a very stupid move for her to make. Based on the reactions of the jury so far, they’d probably be much more inclined to give Hayden or Ciera the money than Tyson or Gervase, and she stands a better chance of winning with them in the end if they shoot themselves in the foot enough. Not only that, but with Ciera, there’s still a chance she don’t make it there. Someone is returning to the game, and it could be Laura Morett. This has to be on castaways’ minds, since there is no way that they want Laura and her daughter back together. (Ironically, this is another situation where Ciera really could benefit from her mom losing.)

The sad truth here is that Monica’s going to have a hard time winning no matter where she goes. She’s done a great job in challenges, but her strategic game has not been that strong since getting rid of Kat.

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Photo: CBS

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