‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 11 preview: First video of ‘Going Home,’ winter finale

What's next? -Once Upon a Time” has been on a crazy journey throughout this entire third season, but next week, it’s all going to be meeting a resolution for at least a little while. “Going Home” is the final installment of 2013, and it will serve as a way to both close off all of the stories in Storybrooke, and create new ones for 2014.

One thing that you probably can expect is the conclusion of the story of Peter Pan as we know it. Odds are that the character will meet his demise in one way or another this week, mostly because it is pretty clear at this point that there is no way he is ever going to assimilate into the world and get along with everyone else. Also, there is probably not going to be any way that the show can sustain so many characters.

But what the promo below teases is that there actually could be a character death, as Rumpelstiltskin seems to fall victim to what Pan does to him in the wake of starting up the new curse. Do we really think that this is going to happen? We have a hard time imagining it, mostly because he is such a huge part of the show. Also, the producers have already said that there is no way that they will force Belle and her significant other to spend some more time apart than they did in the fall season.

Unfortunately, everyone could be at risk at basically going back to where they came from; the options are either that the entire Storybrooke community is completely decimated, or they are forced to basically suffer the tragic consequences of forgetting everyone that they love once again, but still staying in the same town and seeing them everyday. It’s the curse 2.0, and they only have so much time to stop Pan before it happens.

What do you want to see in the finale next week, and do you think that Rumpelstiltskin really is going to die? Share your theories below, and click here to see our full review of “Going Home.”

Photo: ABC

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