‘The X Factor’ USA top 4 rankings: Alex & Sierra vs. Restless Road, Jeff Gutt, Carlito Olivero

The latest -Can you believe that we are already down to the top 4 on “The X Factor” this season? Well, it’s happened very much thanks to the constant double-eliminations that we’ve had all season long. Personally, we’re hoping that this changes if the show sticks around next year, where you just cut out most of the auditions and boot camp to just get us to the part that matters quicker. (Granted, there are about 20 or so other things that also need to change.)

We have to say that going into this round, this was not the top 4 that we were expecting. While we thought Simon Cowell would have a couple of groups left, we didn’t think that Kelly Rowland would still have an act in the competition. Also, we didn’t think that Demi Lovato would be going into this empty-handed. We’re basing what we think about this final four on voting history, and then considering both voting trends and performance quality the rest of the way. Let’s dive in!

4. Carlito Olivero (last week: 4) – There is an obvious reason to think that Carlito will be gone come Thursday. He’s been in the bottom two twice, while nobody else has. Then again, Fifth Harmony went into this position last year as an underdog and found a way to advance. He just needs to create some sort of magical moment like they had with “Anything Could Happen” in order for him to have a chance.

3. Jeff Gutt (6) – To Jeff’s credit, he has managed to move on every week despite not getting the best reviews from the judges; he’s never even been in the bottom two. He probably has the support of many of the older viewers, given that he’s easier to relate to and performs songs that they may have grown up with. But, we also wouldn’t be surprised if the show subtly did what it could to place him at the start of the show. He’s not the most exciting contestant, even if he is a very good singer. The show seems to be on the prowl for someone a little more mainstream.

2. Restless Road (5) – We go back and forth so much on these guys because their performances have been so uneven; but, they also have three things really going for them now. They have never been in danger of going home, they have the vote of the young girls who are likely crushing on them, and they also probably have the country crowd. That’s a powerful trio.

1. Alex & Sierra (1) – But in the end, we still believe quality wins out … especially when this quality is mountains ahead of everyone else. “Say Something” was one of the best performances on any reality show this year, and they were already miles ahead of the pack before that. These two not winning at this point would be one of the biggest travesties in the history of singing shows. It would be an upset that would legitimately make us upset.

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