‘Homeland’ season 3 finale spoilers: What we know about episode 12, ‘The Star’

The latest -Tonight on “Homeland,” this uneven season is going to draw closer to an end with an episode detailing just what is going to happen to Nicholas Brody and his attempts to carry our his mission in Tehran. There could be a body count.

But what about next week’s season finale? This is where events will be put in motion for the fourth season, and also wrap up everything that we have seen to this point. You may know already that the episode is entitled “The Star,” and unfortunately, you’re not going to get too many more details courtesy of the official synopsis that was released by Showtime recently:

“Season 3 ends with security forces closing in on Carrie and Brody, and Brody struggling to find redemption. Meanwhile, Saul plans a last-ditch rescue mission.”

What you can at least get out of this is that Brody will be alive at least at the start of the finale, and that he and Carrie will be in the same place for one of the few times this season. The reason that we put an emphasis on Brody’s fate is simply because no one ever seems to doubt whether Carrie will live or die; meanwhile, there are always questions surrounding how long Damian Lewis’ character can stay alive in this world given his resume. (Update: Click here to watch a promo for this episode.)

Showtime did not release any photos of Lewis or Claire Danes from this episode, and really they did not release much in the way of photo content at all. After watching the episode last night the realization came clear that for the time being, the ones out there for the finale are actually identical to the ones from the penultimate episode “Big Man in Tehran.” The ystery continues.

You can preview tonight’s new episode at the link here; stay tuned, for we will have a full review of it late tonight.

Photo: Showtime

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