‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Amy Jokinen

Meet AmyEvery season on “The Bachelor,” there are a few contestants who try to do a little too much right away to have themselves known by their job; thanks to that, they usually end up coming across as cheesy, and then being sent home shortly after that.

This is what we worry about right now for Amy Jokinen. We don’t know her personality just yet, but based on her biography online and the show’s past history, it is possible that even unintentionally she could come across as someone who is there to promote her own skills or some sort of business venture. Even if she sticks around a while, this is probably not going to be an easy season for her with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Now, let’s start talking about what we know courtesy of the information released by ABC.

Amy JPossible pros – First of all, you have to go with proximity. Amy is only a few hours away from where Juan Pablo lives in Miami, and she seems to be outgoing in much of the same way that he is. All of that suggests that there will be a ton of compatibility there at first. Also, older contestants statistically on this show are at least thinking about children. Generalizations aren’t necessarily fair, but it is hard to go on much else at this stage. She may at least be more prepared to be an instant mom than some of the younger contestants.

Possible cons – This is no slam against massage therapists, but we can almost chart her entire time on the show thanks to that alone. She will be asked to come out and do some sort of creepy massage with Juan Pablo the first night, and immediately rub all of the woman the wrong way. The night will be uncomfortable whenever she is around, and that will make this a quick decision for him to make.

Pre-show outlook – At best, Amy makes it to the third week. We just see her as the sort of contestant that really gets screwed by the charade that the early rounds of “The Bachelor” are, unless she finds a way to put her foot down. That could be somewhat difficult, given that the show really controls the situation so tightly early on in the game.

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Photo: ABC

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