‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 13 preview: Charlie Hunnam, CCH Pounder, and a face-off

Sons of Anarchy -If you look at “Sons of Anarchy” as a series about consequences, then the finale Tuesday marks a perfect opportunity for Jax Teller to pay his dues. “A Mother’s Work” is the culmination of the year’s stories, and there is going to be no greater pittance for Jax to pay for what he’s done.

Specifically, the photo attached here says volumes about whether or not Patterson is going to stay out of his business. While some of the men responsible for the gun trade may be dead, Jax did not properly fulfill the end of his deal. She knows what sort of guy he is as well as his club, and this could once again be her opportunity to strike … if she lives to get a chance that is. While there are occasionally SAMCRO adversaries who stick around following a finale, we would be lying if we said that it was altogether commonplace.

Even if Tuesday night does turn out to be the end for Patterson in some shape or form, there is no question that she has had a heck of a run. CCH Pounder managed to come into this season without the impression that she would be a major force throughout, but thanks to her own performance coupled with the exit of Donal Logue (Lee Toric), she ended up staying around and in the thick of the action. She’s done a lot of work lately with Tara as well as Jax, which is what probably puts her in the most interesting position of all leading into the finale.

What sort of moves is she going to try to orchestrate next? We feel like Jax’s role is pretty-well defined at this point as a man on a dark path, but for Patterson, she almost reminds us of a conservative chess player. She has a goal, but rather than be too proactive, she allows her opponent to make a mistake before diving in for the kill. She’s an intellectual opponent for Charlie Hunnam to play against, and Jax could be in such an emotional state at this point that he is privy to make mistakes.

Do you have any finale predictions for the Patterson character right now? If so, we want to hear them in the comment box below! Also, be sure to check out our new article, which is all about just picking some of the most shocking moments from this season.

Photo: Fox

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