‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 11 preview: Where is Damian Lewis’ Brody a hero?

Take a look -It may be a surprise for you to see, mostly because it was just as much of a surprise for us; but, it turns out that there is still one major part of the world that does still love and appreciate a certain Nicholas Brody. Of course, this also just so happens to be a part of the world that we often associate with acrimony towards the U.S., regardless of whether or not that is actually true for every citizen.

The sneak peek video below for Sunday’s “Homeland” season 3 episode wastes little to no time at all to make it appear as though Damian Lewis’ character is actually perceived as some sort of hero to the people in Tehran, as he arrives in the city and immediately requests some sort of asylum soon after. This is all a part of the plan to ensure that he fractures the organization from within, but there is one part of this story that we don’t quite feel like Brody anticipated: Getting the sort of enthusiastic public response that he did. This may be just enough to cause him to deviate from the plan, and embrace being some sort of folk hero after being accused of terrible things.

From almost the moment that this sneak peek ends is where the rest of this season gets very interesting. This marks when we are really going to start to see the situation intensify for both Brody and the CIA; they each have so much riding on this, and just one wrong move on either one of their parts is going to be enough to cause things to teeter in a negative direction.

What do you think about the reception for Brody, and do you think that we are looking at a man here who can be far too easy persuaded by public opinion? Share some of your thoughts below, and be sure to click here if you want to see a sneak peek that is much more focused on Mandy Patinkin and his character of Saul.

Photo: Showtime

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