‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: Boss on Cristin Milioti, ‘twist’ to 200th episode

Another look -If you are a big enough “How I Met Your Mother” fan to go on the internet and read an article about the show, then you’re probably already aware that the 200th episode coming up is kind of a big deal. This is going to be that big opportunity to see more of the Mother’s actual story before she met Ted; hence, the title for this episode is “How Your Mother Met Me.”

But outside of seeing the performance of Cristin Milioti at the center of this episode, there could be something else coming in this episode that surprises you. As executive producer Craig Thomas teases to Entertainment Weekly, this may not be something that you even see coming:

“We were all fighting tears by the end of [the run-through], and that’s a credit to Cristin [Milioti] … [This episode has] a new trick. We’re showing a new trick in episode 200 that we never could have done in any other season. And to me, more than anything else, episode 200 is why we did season 9. If you were going to epitomize it in one 21-minute capsule, this is why we did season 9. And you’ll see what I mean when you see it.”

Now, just prepare to spend the next few weeks and the holiday racking your brain to think about what it is. What we would personally love to see are a series of little reminders of just how close Ted really was to meeting her over the course of the show’s run, especially given that she was Cindy’s roommate at one point, she was at his university, and they don’t necessarily live that far apart from each other (even if New York City is a pretty crowded place). The challenge for producers is probably just going to be trying to figure out a way in which to get the story of The Mother’s past together within the span of 21 minutes minus commercials. There are eight-plus years of history that has to be summed up in a TINY amount of time. Good luck.

“How I Met Your Mother” will return a week from Monday with “Bass Player Wanted,” and it has already been confirmed that Milioti will play a huge part in that.

Photo: CBS

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