‘The Amazing Race 23’ finale preview: The return of the Japanese game show (video)

The latest -For the second part of “The Amazing Race 23” finale, we’re going to see three teams face off at a location in America (at least if tradition holds) in order to be crowned the grand champion of the fall season. But before that happens, we are going to spend a little bit of time in Japan, and will reenact the sort of insanity that we saw many years ago on the show: The Japanese game show. The biggest challenge of these tasks, more so than just skill or tolerance to fear, is just how willing you are to embarrass yourself on national television.

The challenge that Leo & Jamal are forced into in the sneak peek below is certainly ridiculous: Finding a way to knock down over-sized bowling pins while serving as human bowling balls dressed in kimonos. This is a Detour, so we are already pretty interested in seeing just what the other possible option here could be. These two are the team that we’ve personally ranked last right now when it comes to their odds of winning, mostly because they tend to make silly mistakes, and have a Speed Bump also to get through. After being mocked by the show’s overly-excited game show host, we don’t even know if they are going to survive this.

There is one part of this video that we do have to at least be critical of, and that’s watching one of them seemingly mimic the game show host’s voice. If we’re going to put Aaryn on blast on “Big Brother” this summer for doing this, we can’t just suddenly give them a pass here for it just because they’re in this sort of crazy environment and because a few people seemingly laughed about it. That being said, this video still looks like a ton of fun, and Leo & Jamal probably have a chance to make up a ton of time if they can knock down the pins on their third or fourth try here.

Are you thrilled to see the Japanese game show back on “The Amazing Race” Sunday night, and do you think that there’s any hope that the Afghanimals actually do end up winning the season? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Photo: CBS

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