‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis suitor Alli Restko

Alli Restko -This season, Juan Pablo Galavis has a pretty far-reaching cast of women on “The Bachelor,” at least when it comes to differentiating it from what we saw last year with Sean Lowe. We get a little less of an inclination that we are going to be watching a version of church camp again, and you also have women who seem to be adventurous, from different backgrounds, and fairly open to new situations.

But is Alli Restko going to be a woman that we / every tabloid in America is talking about for months on end? That is what we are going to be trying to figure out in the latest edition of our “Bachelor” spotlight series. Like with most of the other women, we really don’t have a whole lot to go on here, so we’re going to have to base our opinions mostly on what we have in her biography. (Don’t worry; there are no spoilers ahead.)

Ali -Possible pros – Based on what is out there about her right now, Alli seems to be pretty intelligent, adventurous, and someone who does seem interested in taking the bull by the horns and being ready for any challenge. All of this bodes well for Juan Pablo. Also, her taste in movies suggests she is someone who has interests in all sorts of things beyond just what you would expect.

Possible cons – She doesn’t really have much in common with Juan Pablo outside of being adventurous, and she is one of those people who we think probably auditioned for this show on a whim. She’s probably not going to be the first person to jump all over him for attention, and this could be good for her. Also, it could also mean she’s gone early.

Pre-show outlook – It’s not looking good for Alli. She seems to be a nice enough, but we see her getting somewhat lost in the first night and being sent home early. We don’t really see her connecting that much with Juan Pablo at the end of the day.

Want to see more of our spotlight series? Then just visit the link here! We’ll have more updates posted daily until the new season premieres on Monday, January 6 on ABC.

Photo: ABC

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