‘Bones’ season 9, episode 11 review: Brennan meets another Brennan in ‘The Spark in the Park’

Bones -Friday night marked the last episode of “Bones” season 9 in 2013, and it was one that certainly had an emotional quality to it. “The Spark in the Park” was a solid episode for the show in that there was a good mystery, an interesting subject in gymnastics, and also a surprising killer reveal. With all of this being said, the biggest flaw that the episode had was just not doing anything to really tee up the story that is coming up ahead.

Probably the most interesting part of the main mystery, beyond just seeing Olympian McKayla Maroney in a guest spot, was learning a little more about the competitive world of gymnastics. All of this was pretty accurate when it comes to information, including how detached some of these people can be. The victim’s father was also detached in his own right, and he was probably more like Brennan than any other person that she has met. The scenes between these two were almost emotional in a way, since it allowed us to see her communicate with someone almost as though she was communicating with herself.

Even when the case was over, Brennan did apparently make a new friend in the victim’s dad / math genius. Also, Booth had a better understanding of how his wife communicates. He doesn’t need to understand her at every moment, but they have the emotional connection that is needed.

Moving forward, we feel like the story has almost a clean slate now. Pelant is now in the rear-view mirror, and our leading man and woman are a happy couple. If there are more cases like this moving forward, we’ll be happy; but at the same time, we’re still hoping for something more beyond just stories of the week in 2014. Grade: B.

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