‘Bones’ season 9, episode 12 preview: When will ‘The Ghost in the Killer’ air?

What's ahead -The first thing we have to say about the return of “Bones” season 9 to the air is pretty simple: It is going to be quite an important hour of TV. The title in “The Ghost in the Killer’ suggests right away that we are going to have the arrival of the new “major villain for the season” in the Ghost Killer, who has been teased a few times in the past.

Unfortunately, we know so little about this villain right now that he is basically a ghost. What we know at the moment is that this mysterious figure likes to be in the shadows, and he’s not the same sort of tech super-genius that Pelant was. There may still be some links between the two characters, but you will have to wait until Friday, January 10 in order to see the story play out.

Sadly, you’re not getting much in the way of clues about the story based on the first promo below for the episode. There is no scoop on the Ghost Killer here; instead, it’s just a line or two designed to get a laugh. The show is probably waiting a while longer to build up the story before promoting it; there is no sense to unveil anything big only to peak now and cause people to forget about what could be coming up. From a marketing standpoint, this is the right move, even if it does frustrate us right now as someone who wants a little bit more.

But, don’t worry: Just because the show is taking some time off doesn’t mean that we are! We are going to be here all winter long with some more scoop prior to the show’s return.

What do you want to see on “Bones” the rest of this season? Share your thoughts below, and click here to read our full review of tonight’s “The Spark in the Park.”

Photo: Fox

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