‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: More of Michonne in flashbacks, Carol in the present

Carol -The Walking Dead” fandom is now finally starting to calm down following that insane midseason finale, but the mystery remains as to what the show has up its sleeve down the road. The second half of the season could very well be as shocking and as crazy as the first, especially when you remember that the prison is gone, the characters are scattered, and everyone is weakened in the wake of both the disease and The Governor’s attack on Woodbury.

At the moment, there are few things that we can guarantee, but there are a few little elements that we can tease right now, at least according to a variety of sources.

1. Abraham – Michael Cudlitz’s character is going to have a big role in the episodes ahead, and according to E! News, his booking was rather challenging. AMC pushing for the “Southland” star despite concerns about budget and scheduling, and there were a number of other actors up for the role. He will be traveling here with Rosita and Eugene, and will spend some time with main characters.

2. More CarolTV Guide confirms that Carol is going to specifically be back before the end of season 3, which means that her hiatus may not be as long as some people initially worried. What will be interesting to see is if she has been living all this time on her own, or is traveling instead with some larger group that she met up with. We’re guessing that unlike The Governor, she’s probably not being offered canned pasta inside a condo.

3. Michonne flashbacks – Want a greater understanding of who she really is? You’re going to get that opportunity, which we fully embrace for now, given how delicately the writers have made her into one of the most enigmatic characters on the show.

What do you want to see on season 4? We of course welcome any and all of your theories! But before you really move forward too far, take a look at what Scott Wilson had to say about the end of Hershel, a character he embodied and got to know so well.

Photo: AMC

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