‘The Sound of Music Live’: What do you think about the musical, Carrie Underwood? Share here!

Sound of Music Live -Tonight on NBC, “The Sound of Music Live!” looked to get all sorts of attention on primetime TV. It was a pretty interesting gamble for the network to take in the first place: A live, multi-camera event that was going to be done for one production. They even went through the trouble of casting someone famous in Carrie Underwood in the Maria Von Trapp role.

But, we have to say that so far, the early reviews are not looking good. The problem here is that you have people like Audra McDonald who have a history of being on stage, and then you have the former “American Idol” winner. There’s no question that she has one of the best voices in all of country music, but as an actress? Not so much. She’s giving it a good try and we admire that, but she just doesn’t have the experience to pull this off. NBC really should have went for someone like “Smash’s” Megan Hilty in this role, at least if they wanted someone who could pull off this sort of stage production. But granted, the same sort of ratings probably would not come in with out Underwood in the lead.

Ultimately, this article is really more about the reaction of you, the devoted “Sound of Music” viewer, to this show. Do you think Carrie is delivering, or leaving something major to be desired? We want to hear some of your thoughts in the comment box below! We also have a poll that you can use to share your grades throughout the night.

The thing that we are really waiting to see the most right now will not be apparently until the morning: The ratings. We want to see if this is something that could become somewhat of a tradition for the network to air a musical every year. We love the idea of this being a tradition, even if it’s not one getting off to a particularly great start now.

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